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Whether you’re starting your first store or launching you’re 10th, our coaches will craft customized marketing strategies to rapidly grow your business and increase ROI.

Type of eCommerce Stores
Learning the differences/benefits amongst general, general niche, niche, and one product stores.
Website Optimization/Audit
Reviewing home page, landing/product page, funnel, apps to ensure it is set-up for success.
Themes to Utilize
Covering the various types of themes, and ones suitable for your store to maximize conversions.
Website Apps to Utilize
Which apps to utilize and how to configure them if needed.
Pricing Strategy & Structure
Best way to price products for margins, product value, etc.
Social Media Optimization & Tips
Social media page practices, the importance of it, and how to grow organically.
Organic Traffic Strategies & Tips
Product Research and Validation Strategies.
Product Research and Validation Strategies
Learning the ins & outs of product research/validation, and what to look for on DesignCMP.
Copywriting Essentials
How to develop the best product description, and ad copy.
Instagram Influencer Marketing
How to properly utilize influencer marketing including outreach, negotiating & shoutout structures.
Facebook Ads
Pixel help, testing/launching strategies, scaling strategies, back-end help & reading KPI’s.
Supplier/Sourcing Tips
Everything about suppliers, sourcing, and negotiating product cost + shipping cost.

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60 Minute

A Great Place To Start.
One-time payment.

60 Minute Call
Call via Skype/Zoom
One email follow up
Unique professional help
Your Topic(s) of choice

3x60 Minute

Ready For The Next Level.
One-time payment.

3 x 60 Minute Calls
Call via Skype/Zoom (screenshare + voice)
One email follow up
Unique professional help
Your Topic(s) of choice
Call recording available
Use anytime within 30 days

6 x 60 Minute

Full Steam Ahead (No holds barred!) .
One-time payment.

6 x 60 Minute 1-on-1 Calls
Call via Skype/Zoom (screenshare + voice)
One time follow up
Unique professional help
Your Topic(s) of choice
Call recording available
24/7 Offline access to your own Coach
One-on-One Exclusive Access to Facebook Messenger
We work on your own pace with 60 days to utilize calls
Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions You Might Have

There are no refunds on any services rendered since we are trading our time for money. For this reason this coaching service is non-refundable.

You can ideally have any device (i.e: mobile, tablet, laptop, PC). A laptop or PC is preferred to get the most out of the calls, since you will be able to properly screen share AND screen record.

It is recommended to have a working microphone on your device, and good Internet connection to prevent network interruptions. Camera is optional. Furthermore, come prepared with what you would like to discuss, alongside with any specific questions. It is recommended you record the call (Zoom allows this) to reference it after, and to also take notes down however you'd like.

Absolutely not. Individuals of all levels are welcomed to schedule a call and discuss whichever areas they need further guidance/advice in.

You can utilize the three calls  whenever you want within the 30 days. After the first call, you can discuss with your coach when you would like to set up the next two calls based on your schedule and pace.

You can essentially discuss whichever topic(s) you would like to and need the most direction in. The topics listed above in the "MENTORING OPTIONS" section are all common topics open for discussion.

We are here to serve. You can feel free to join his our Facebook Group and post on there. The group is very active and either your coach or one of the moderators will help you out.

You don't necessarily have to use it a certain way as you go at your own pace; depending on what stage you are within your business. However, they do have to be utilized in 60 days so it gives you ample time to apply everything. You will be in communication with your coach to schedule calls as needed.

Absolutely, you will have access to your coach via Facebook Messenger 24/7 where you can stay in sync with them. You can send you coach messages, voice messages, videos, pictures, etc. and essentially run anything by your coach when offline. This truly an unparalleled access to your own Ecommerce Coach.

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