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Do you find it difficult to build a supreme store? Of course, because it is.
A supreme dropshipping store needs money and time to be created and ready for advertising; that is the reason they are so good. They need to have the correct call to action, real social proof- something that really converts into sales.

What if I do this task for you? Let me explain. 

  1. You will become affiliated with one of our supreme stores, so you can sell our products.
  2. You will build your own social media account about the specific website that we will approve you to use for affiliation. (Or with our help)
  3. You will create your own email marketing (or with our help)
  4. You will promote our products and start getting your commission. (You can also copy our promotion images or videos that will be promoted on our social media accounts )
  5. So it finishes the worry of how to update your plugins, or if the payment gateway doesn’t work. You have to do one thing only, use the social media and newsletter and start getting paid. It is your opportunity to use our supreme store without paying a lot of money and get profit.
I would like to give everyone the opportunity to get their business to the next level.

Current Stores & Websites!


DesignCMP Services Website
Petsmaker Pet Store  V
CMPier.com Beauty Store V
The Auto Design Car Acces Store V V
Anime Fashion Art

Fashion Store P.O.D P.O.D
Health Source411 Food Supplements V

After your purchase plan, you must write in the additional information at the checkout of the chosen stores that you want to be affiliated with.

You can contact us here by email info@designcmp.com or on our Facebook messenger. One of our specialists will contact you to discuss the details regarding your services.


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