SEO Copywriting

  • * Compelling copy optimized for high search engine ranking
  • * Written by professional copywriters
  • * Empowered by efficient calls-to-action
  • * Created to build your brand’s reputation
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Are you wondering how to improve your store’s Google ranking? Let us guide you with our years of expert experience!

The main goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to help people easily find a specific website or item on Google. If your store is properly optimized, it will be easy to find through a search by internet users. In turn, you get more visitors, which can lead to more orders and higher profits.

When you buy this package, our skilled team will adjust the basic (but super important) SEO elements of your store.

What includes in this service.

1) One homepage SEO Article (500-700 words)
2) One blog SEO Article (500-700 words)
3) Two product categories SEO Article Of your choice (200-300 words)


SEO-based copywriting improves your website’s search engine ranking, boosts traffic, and engages new visitors.

Quality copy that is engaging yet optimized for important keywords is vital for your website’s homepage and product category pages. Besides, effective copywriting builds your brand voice and reputation.

Our team of copywriters can improve your website’s brand voice while elevating the offers and appeal of your products and promotions. This in turn can boost your conversions like never before. With our compelling descriptions and convincing calls-to-action, your products will be selling like crazy.

What benefits can you reap from this SEO Copywriting service?

  • The number of visitors from organic search grows
  • There will be more relevant keywords built into your website copy
  • Your store can rank higher in Google search results
  • You get catchy and convincing content in your store
  • You can see more orders as a result of more engaging descriptions
  • Your profit can increase by several times

After payment, our specialist will contact you within 1 business day to discuss the details.

Got questions? We’ve got answers — just contact us at support@designcmp.com.

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